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TopDog Tents

2 year limited warranty 

When you buy a TopDog Tents we want you to have peace of mind with your purchasing, installation and use of your roof top tent. TopDog Tents provides a two year limited warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts and materials that might fail under normal use.

During the warranty period TopDog Tents, at our option, will correct the issue with repair materials or parts at no cost to you. After the warranty expires TopDog Tents will replace parts or materials etc. on a case by case basis for failures due to normal use

TopDog Tents does not cover failures due to user error, neglect or acts of nature. The limited warranty does not cover cosmetic changes like discoloration or changes in the shell or tent material. We will, however, work with you to get you replacement parts and assist with repairs whenever possible.

It is up to the customer/owner to perform regular maintenance and care to ensure that their TopDog Tents lasts the intended life term. If an item is determined to be “improperly maintained or used” warranty could be declined. Learn how to properly maintain and care for your TopDog Tents here….(will need to link to a pdf file for care and maintenance guide)

If you should ever experience an issue with your TopDog Tents after the warranty expires, don’t be to troubled. TopDog Tents will be there to assist you with getting replacement parts such as (gas springs, zippers, rainfly poles etc.)

We will generally work with you to keep your TopDog Tents in fine shape for many years to come!


Soft Top

Easy to mount or dismount

Hard Top

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Easy to mount or dismount

Power Stations

Easy to mount or dismount

Solar Panels

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