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High Quality
Rooftop Tents

From our humble beginnings, the goal was a simple one.  Innovate to bring the highest quality camping products at an a great value  with top customer satisfaction to the adventure travel/camping industry.

Why do customers
love our tents?

What Makes
Top Dog Tents Different?

Lifestyle, experience and purpose! We have a mission to not only get you into nature, but to preserve these amazing camping locations for the next generation. Top Dog donates a percentage of each purchase to forest preservation and national parks.

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Tents that are built with
customer enjoyment and satisfaction in mind

For over 20 years we have been in the manufacturing industry where we grew from a small start up to the largest in the world in just a few short years. Surpassing competitors through Innovative products, high quality standards and efficiency. Earning almost a dozen patents. It had a lot to do with passion and a belief we could do better. We are bringing that same passion and drive to Top Dog Tents.

Our focus is on developing High quality rooftop tents for cars, trucks, suv’s, cross-over’s and trailers at a price you can afford. We don’t claim to be the first rooftop tent company, but you will quickly realize why we are the Top Dog.

The highest Quality
Product standards

Top Dog Tents is not just a product but rather a lifestyle. We make hard shell and soft top tents perfect for any camping adventure. Crafted with integrity, purpose, and quality. Become apart of the lifestyle today!

Why Campers Love
Top Dog Tents


Soft Top

Easy to mount or dismount

Hard Top

Easy to mount or dismount



Easy to mount or dismount

Power Stations

Easy to mount or dismount

Solar Panels

Easy to mount or dismount